A computer support technician helps others solve their computer problems. You could become a help desk technician or perhaps even make house calls and go wherever the computer happens to be. Most of the time you will be dealing with someone who has very little technical experience and this can prove challenging to say the least. They will have to describe to you what kind of problem they are having and it will be your job to understand and fix their problems. You will need to determine if the problem is software or hardware related, and advise your customer on the best course of action. Often the problem is user related, and this can be difficult to diagnose properly.

Computer Support Technician Salary Information:

You can expect your salary to range from around $40,000 to $50,000. Of course how much experience you have and who you work for will decide how much you can make. If you do support for a huge national company you can expect to earn more than you would working for a small local firm.

Computer Support Technician Education Requirements:
Some jobs may not require any formal education. Sometimes experience can be enough to get you hired. However it will certainly be beneficial for you to go to school and train for this field.  You have the option of going to a technical or vocational school or going to a traditional college and getting your degree in computer science or some related field. The more education you get normally will get you hired faster, and at a better rate of pay.
Computer Support Technician Work Environment:
A computer support technician can expect to work a normal 40-hour shift at most places they will work. Evening or weekend work may be required depending on what you are supporting. There may be travel involved if your job requires you to go the customer. This can consist of hours that are irregular and dealing with frustrated users. Because your customer is often frustrated by the time they call you, it is important for you to remain calm and cool throughout your experience with the customer.

In order to succeed as a computer support technician it is important you have strong communication skills, as well as high level of technical skills. Both of these skills will come in handy when you are dealing with customers that cannot get your product to work. Often times you will spend as much time calming down your customer as fixing their problems. However if you have these skills this may be a good field for you to enter.

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